A region with great differential advantages and opportunities

The global developments are redefining the world in terms of political and economical scope with more assertive and dominant roles for the leading players from EurAsia and Latin America, redefining investment opportunities.

Latin America is a natural base for guaranteed access to soft and hard commodities, as a production base for quality food products, which the FAO estimates needs to grow by 60% over the coming 2 decades.Geo-political intentions appear to be going hand-in-hand in this respect, with growing financial reserves of the leading Asian nations allowing for allocating funds more widely towards the region.

Latin America has great competitive natural advantages as commodity provider of sorts, being the most-efficient provider in many products and offering great opportunities in:

-Commodities ranging from agro commodities to industrial and precious metals to energy.

-Agro and Food Manufacturing Industries.

-Infrastructure and Real Estate.

-Transportation and Logistics.

-Banking and Finance.

-Telecommunications, Technology and Entertainment.

A key ingredient for sound investment decisions in Latin America is an active local partner with proven skills and execution capabilities