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-The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 elaborated by The World Economic Forum shows that Uruguay was ranked 73rd between 140 countries, while in 2014-2015 was ranked 80th. Situated in seventh place with 4,09 points in Latin America after Chile (ranked 35th)

-Agust 2015 -Representatieves of Uruguay XXI attended forums in Brazil, to promote Uruguay as a destination for investment. Particularly in the area of common services.

- July 2015 -Report by Uruguay XXI: Foreign businesspersons invested more than U$S 2.000 million per year in Uruguay in the last decade. Foreign investors see Uruguay as a safe destination.

-After Chile and Peru, Uruguay is the third country in the region with a ranking of economic freedom issued by Fraser Institute. In a global level remained on the 43rd place.

-The economic climate of Uruguay is improving, 4rd in the region.

- According to the Economic Survey of Latin America developed by the Foundation (FGV) and the German IFO institute (on 138 specialists), Uruguay was one of the countries in the region most improved.