Rapid access to skilled, professional and committed partners

Ficus offers access to expert professionals with an ideal combination of international experience and skills set and passion for the regional markets. A deep interactive focus with the client and willingness to partner in the projects has been the secret to our success.

Prime differentiation is the use of a wide and independent network of sector specialists, assuring access to best in class senior professionals in each activity in the different markets. Through our association with Globalscope Partners we partner with the best industry experts in different geographies globally and access to a world-wide investor base.

Some of the relevant team members on advisory and executive level include:

Paul J. Elberse, executive partner, with a track record of more than 26 years in international financial markets and a deep knowledge of the Southern Cone corporate finance markets. Paul Elberse has been named in different rankings as one of Uruguay's influential businessmen and main do-ers. Prior to founding Ficus Capital he was the CEO responsible for the structuring of Nuevo  Banco Comercial, CEO of ABN AMRO Bank in Uruguay, where he obtained "Best Bank Awards" as the leading bank within the private sector in Uruguay as well as Director of the Bolsa de Valores (the Stock Exchange), of the private pension fund Afinidad AFAP, and Visanet. Prior to 2001 he held senior positions in ABN AMRO Bank in New York, Singapore, Germany, Holland, and Russia; where he structured financings in excess of USD 5.000 million.  Paul Elberse is the founder of Fundación Visionair, a non-profit foundation focused on sustainable and social development that has developed programs in the areas of health and social development. Paul Elberse holds a MBA from the University of Hartford, USA, a BS in Economics from the Higher Economic School in Utrecht and is an Alumnus from the SEP at Stanford University, USA.

Diego Melazzi is a director and has held significant roles in numerous PE deals and actively participated in helping set the course for many of the most important corporations in the region, be it multinationals or multi-latinas, both as a manager for McKinsey & Co., and as a director of Ficus Capital. From the northern part of Chile, to the South of Argentina or Brazil's Amazonia region, he has participated in deals that cover well known businesses, such as supermarkets, railways, renewable energy, consumer goods, transport and financial services and food products.  He has co-led transactions –both on the sell and buy side- adding up to more than USD 700 million. He has been instrumental in clients achieving strong valuations for their businesses, and has added value to transactions where buyers needed a deep understanding of the local business world, both in Uruguay and in Brazil. Diego Melazzi holds a Master of Business Administration, University of California at Berkeley and a BS in Economics, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

Mathias Möhrpahl, who holds a MSc. in Economics from the University of London and has studied Economics in Cologne and Kiel, Germany has structured trans-national deals related to renewable energies (wind and thermal), food processing, construction and the agro industrial complex. Mathias Möhrpahl has acted as Director for Asset Management and Financial Institutions with a principle focus on the identification and the funding of different investments as well as managing the operations and the cross-border information flows and decision making processes, mostly between German institutions and their subsidiaries in Chile.

The Lima office is managed by Pablo Coirolo, a professional with a long-standing international track record in a.o. the telecommunications, technology and food sectors. The Buenos Aires office is coordinated by Carlos García Rubio, an experienced executive in the media and content business with a strong focus on agro, commodities, real estate, energy and food related sectors. Ficus Capital works in its different subsidiaries with a number of associates with strong functional and/or sector expertise.

Ficus Capital is proud to count with an Advisory Board of vastly experienced international businessmen and professionals, which is energized by its Chairman Mr. Carlos Badt Blanchard. For more than 40 years he has been leading and implementing industrial projects and structuring complex transnational transactions,
as well as having accrued an in-depth knowledge of sustainable energy alternatives, cross-border transport, organic food production, and real estate. Mr. Badt Blanchard is our expert in interpreting the consequences of Geopolitical changes, a recognized creative thinker and investor, and out-of-the-box solutions contributor to a number of today’s challenges in sectors like food-security, energy, and health issues.