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Should you want to contact Ficus for questions regarding the:

- sale of your company or fixed assets

- generation of financial resources for the expansion of your business

- analysis and execution of a Management Buy-Out

- structuring a public-private partnership (PPP)

- analysis and acquisition of or an alliance with another company

- obtaining a partner or co-investor

- development of a new project

-'valuation of your business or project

- minimization of your business and investment risks

- internationalization of your business

- investment of your financial resources

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  • Exceptional network of contacts and access to the global corporate, institutional and high net-worth investors

  • Identification, generation and execution of transactions and projects on a regional level

  • Multi product offering, focused on investment opportunities and deal structuring

  • A global M&A network through our partnership in Globalscope Partners

  • M&A, innovative financial deal structurings, corporate finance, corporate trust structures and project management

  • Deal execution and investment management through a wide network of leading global financial institutions