Ficus Capital is one of the leading pure focus investment banking boutiques in the SouthCone of Latin America

Ficus Capital is one of the leading pure focus investment banking boutiques in the SouthCone of Latin America with full transaction execution and project development capabilities in Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. Ficus operates out of its offices in Montevideo and Lima and has strategic agreements with sector specialists in different countries.

Through the years, Ficus Capital has built up a reputation as to delivering when creative and innovative solutions are needed, identifying opportunities for strategic and financial investors, for private individuals and leading corporations.

Identifying and executing M&A deals, structuring private and public debt issues in the local and international capital markets, and the development of new projects are areas where Ficus Capital has excelled.

Some examples of deals managed by Ficus include buy-side advisor in the purchase of Nuevo Banco Comercial, sell-side advisor in the sale of the airport of Punta del Este, sole-arranger of the landmark Carrasco International airport terminal bond issue, arranger of a local currency public bond issue for Hipica Rioplatense, advisor in the privatization of Pluna, Uruguay's flagship airline, partner in the development of Aguada Park, the free trade zone office center, partner in the development of several real estate projects, arranger of equity and debt financing for international expansion projects of leading companies, and advisor in the sale of special assets.

Ficus focuses principally on infrastructure and tansportation, financial institutions, (renewable) energy, real estate, TED, agro,commodities and food, hospitality and services.Ficus acts as a true partner and is positvely disposed to participating with equity in its clients projects or in the development of new business opportunities.

Ficus is proud to partner with the FundaciĆ³n Visionair, a NGO in its successful efforts to improve social, health and educational issues.

Through its partnership with PWC, Ficus Capital holds a leading position as fiduciary agent with Fidential.