Ficus tends to focus on transactions in the USD 10 to 250 million range in the SouthCone of Latam. Large banks tend to have abandoned this sector for structured transactions and M&A or provide low priority to it whereas Ficus is putting our most senior and expert resources to work. This is the reason why Ficus has been successfully executing transactions for subsequent years, being closer to the client both physically and psychologically, knowing the region and the market better. In terms of investor pools, we have contacts with most all institutional investors active in the region and work with the large institutions in accessing potential new investors.

Ficus in general advises the sell side (company owners, property owners) and fund seekers (project developers, company owners looking to expand, management for the completion of management buy-outs) on the one hand and investors on the buy\/investment side. Buy side mandates can range from specific searches to structuring, executing and subsequently managing the investments. Ficus in certain cases also acts as co-investors or investment manager.

We operate out of our offices in Montevideo and Lima, Peru (as of January 2010) and cover Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Paraguay as to M&A and project development. We work with investors from all over the world, ranging from HNWI from Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Latin America, to institutional and strategic investors from the different continents. Through our partnership with Holland Capital we manage assets and portfolios of client from all over the globe.

Ficus has actively developed and assisted outside investors in developing projects ranging from real estate developments, both commercial and residential, to renewable energy, financial services and agri-related projects. Ficus\u2019 role ranges from full development, financing and execution to prospecting, analyzing, financing, or local management. Ficus staff and co-operators have the ideal hands-on background and management experience to develop projects in the agri sector (dairy and meat, grains, forestry, fruits, wine and olives), the real estate sector, transport, financial institutions, and different services.

icus has represented sellers of special properties, raised funds for the development of residential and commercial projects, is actively developing projects as investor\/developer, and structures opportunities for investors seeking either to participate as co-investors or are looking to generate a predictable medium term income stream against real estate exposure.

In exceptional cases - like succession problems, deep business distress situations, or crisis management situations 2013 Ficus will assist in interim management solutions. Ficus has a deep practical experience of managing crisis situations is different regions and sectors and is ideally situated to help overcome company critical events.

Ficus has a deep expertise in sectors relating to financial institutions and services, transport, infrastructure, agro and food, retail, energy, real estate and technology & communications. Ficus is not limiting its focus in terms of sectors and when necessary contracts special industry knowledge and skills.

Ficus is continuously interviewing highly qualified persons with specific skill sets to add to its target pool of talent. Ficus is constantly on the look-out to develop new activities and interested to exchange ideas about new initiatives.

Ficus works with a large range of partners in different countries and regions: institutional and private investors, banks, specialized consultants or industry experts, developers, lawyers, auditors, and foundations. Please refer to asociations for some of Ficus formal partners.

Ficus has a strategic agreement with Holland Capital for wealth management activities. Holland Capital has strategic agreements with the worlds largest banks and provides high quality international solutions and advice.